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Investment In Indian Pharmaceutical Companies Soars

In recent years, Indian Pharmaceutical industries have grown at an unprecedented pace and attracted a significant amount of global investment. The pharmaceutical graduates from various repute colleges are now equipped with a strong international base that makes them eligible for lucrative job opportunities in numerous fields. This has further led to the mushrooming of new pharmaceutical manufacturing units in India that is not only creating thousands of job opportunities but also contributing significantly to the
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Amazon To Launch Its Own Mobile Based E-Commerce App In The US

Amazon has announced that it will be releasing its own mobile-based e-commerce app in the U.S. and Canada. This comes as no surprise since Amazon already has an existing presence in the mobile world with its Kindle Fire and its Kindle Store. However, this new venture is not merely a response to Apple's latest product but it also reflects the trend of smart mobile devices going into the enterprise. The Amazon Web Services application will
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AMPS Broadens its Reach by Expanding Footprint in New Commercial Market Segments

Health Systems, Health Plans, Taft Hartley Plans, Reinsurers and HMOs
Atlanta, Georgia Apr 29, 2021 (Issuewire.com) - Advanced Medical Pricing Solutions (AMPS), a pioneer in healthcare cost containment, announces its expansion into commercial markets focusing on health systems, health plans, Taft Hartley plans, reinsurers, and HMOs. With a strong presence already established in the self-funded market through third-party administrators, brokers, health sharing, and employers, this strategic move is designed to broaden the scope of AMPS' effective
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Talents Without Borders – Remote Workers launches talent profile in April 2021

Prague, Praha Apr 26, 2021 (Issuewire.com) - Remote Workers Network, a global platform connecting skilled professionals with remote-friendly companies launches its Talent Profile on 26 April 2021 at www.remoteworkers.net.   The CEO, Martin Stastny, has been working in the tech industry for more than a decade. In the past years, he has been working in a range of different industries, including advertising, e-commerce retailers, and smaller "tech for good" startups. By creating Remote Workers, Martin wanted
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Dignitas Digital ranked amongst top-performing software development companies in India

According to Clutch’s 2021 research, Dignitas Digital is ranked amongst the highest-performing software development companies in India.
Pennsylvania , United States Apr 23, 2021 (Issuewire.com) - This year, Clutch announced its latest research identifying the top companies across different segments in the tech industry. We are incredibly proud to announce that Dignitas Digital has been recognized by Clutch as a top-notch software development company. According to Clutch's 2021 research, Dignitas Digital is ranked amongst the highest-performing
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Minneapolis teen opens candle kiosk to raise funds for college

Kobi Co. is a minority-owned, woman-owned candle and wellness brand focused on self-care.
Los Angeles, California Apr 20, 2021 (Issuewire.com) - As a Sophomore, local high school student Kobi Gregory was so impressed by her tour of historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) that she came home determined to raise the funds to attend again her Junior year in high school. She didn't want to add an extra financial burden to her family, so she decided
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YouTube Marketing and Video SEO: WizStudio Finds Solution for Small Businesses

For eCommerce store owners, retailers, and full-time YouTubers concerned about how to grow views and channel subscribers, YouTube SEO services may help.
San Francisco, California Apr 17, 2021 (Issuewire.com) - As WizStudio slowly builds its trust within the B2B sector, the need for professional YouTube SEO and marketing becomes apparent. According to the company's quarterly reports, 33% of regular clients are small retail vendors, affiliate marketers, entrepreneurs, and bloggers looking to outsource optimization and marketing to
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Satpal Bohit a professional barber in rajasthan

Satpal bohit a professional barber in rajasthan at hanumangarh
Hanumangarh, Rajasthan Apr 14, 2021 (Issuewire.com) - Satpal Bohit is a professional barber in Rajasthan at Hanumangarh he started his career in 2010 and now he is a professional barber and he is good experience in his work. He suggested some steps to style short hairs that are given below. *How To Style The Quiff   So, you have one of the most popular men's haircuts. What's
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Debenhams Last Store Review

Debenhams Last Store in England is to close. This great clothing company was known across Europe for quality workmanship and chic designs for over 150 years. It was founded by Mr. Richard Clements in any event that can be remembered. Mr. Clements had been a carpenter before he decided to establish his own company in 1534. His brother, John Clements, assisted him and the two men began making items for their customers. The name of
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