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Western Investment in The Indian Pharmaceutical Sector Soars

Indian pharmaceutical companies have shown tremendous growth due to western investment. The pharmaceutical manufacturing companies in India are now producing good quality medicines that can fight against all types of diseases and are cost effective. There is an increasing demand for the Indian drugs among the patients from the western countries. It is true that the western countries like US, UK and Canada provide excellent medical assistance and some research facilities to the developing countries that enhance the medical standard in those countries as well.

The medical equipment company Cipla, for example, is an example of the kind of investment that has made huge profits for the pharmaceutical companies. It has also helped them to gain huge revenue by selling medical devices in various countries. This company started almost forty years ago by a British citizen, Robert Whitacre. He developed a chemical that was used to manufacture insulin and it became successful when he ventured into other fields. This kind of research and development required enormous financial resources that could not be afforded by many pharmaceutical companies at that time.

However, western investment in India has helped these companies to develop new and advanced medical instruments to fight against many life-threatening diseases. Their research and development department now have many highly skilled professionals who have obtained training overseas. The medical device companies like Cipla, Abcam, Ibrance have made great contributions to the medical field. The services provided by the companies have made a significant contribution to the betterment of public health. As the population ages, diseases like diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis and other age-related disorders are on the rise in the west, and the pharmaceutical companies from India are playing an important role in preventing and fighting such diseases in the east.

There has been an increase in the number of drug researches and development centers in India. Also, there has been an increase in the number of pharmaceutical companies from China, Malaysia and Taiwan that started investing in pharmaceuticals in India. This has resulted in more pharmaceutical products reaching the international market. Hence, the demand for medicines is increasing in the west and the east is becoming a source of good investments.

The pharmaceutical industry in India has experienced a remarkable development in the past two decades. There has been an increased awareness about the importance of nutrition, diet, and regular workouts. This has resulted in a tremendous growth in the sales of all kinds of medicines. The huge inflow of investment from the western countries has resulted in the development of many new medicines that have saved many lives. It is evident that there has been tremendous improvement in the delivery of medicines to the patients. Also, there has been improvement in the manufacture of medicines.

With western investment in India, the pharmaceutical companies from India can be assured of long-term contracts in the field of medical tourism. They are now developing medical facilities all over the country that will cater to the needs of patients who have travelled from far places to receive treatment for their ailments. In the field of cardiology, cardiac rehabilitation has been developed which can help many heart patients to return to their normal life. Many new drugs are being introduced in the field of cancer combating which will provide the much needed boost to the fighting capability of these dreaded diseases. Hence, the tremendous rise in pharmaceutical manufacturing industries can be gauged by the huge demand of many pharmaceutical products in the western markets.

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